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The Herbalife diet program consists of a formula based on scientific knowledge and incorporates some of highest quality of herbs. Basically, it can be termed as a calorie reducing nutrition program. The chief objective is to guide the customer to a high-energy, protein-rich, nutritional "shake" or "meal replacement drink" which incorporates food supplements containing important vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and nutritional herbs. In fact, their program has been around since the 1980's and the company is proud to state since that time they have been highly successful with health enhancement and weight control. Herbalife diet information is also readily available through their website.

The basis of any healthy lifestyle is good nutrition and programs that ignore this fact can actually do a lot more harm than good. Trying to lose weight by depriving yourself from essential nutritious elements can lead to binging or other health related problems. There are many stories of people that lose a few pounds just to gain even more after a short while. These types of programs will not only have a negative effect on your body but could also influence your mental attitude towards weight loss in a negative way.

With the Herbalife diet program, you will get to know the diets that can help you to lose weight and then to maintain your weight on a healthy level. The products that you will use are not intended to suppress your appetite or to burn fat in any unnatural way. An essential part of a healthy lifestyle is a healthy self-image. Constant failure with get thin quick schemes can lead to depression and a negative self-image. The Herbalife weight loss challenge may be something to look into if you have tried getting too thin, too quick in the past.

Since it's conception in the early 1980's the basic program has been regarded as one of the most successful of health product companies. The company has steadily grown through the years throughout the United States and has established itself as a major health care product manufacturing company in at least 36 nations all around the globe. When speaking about the diet program, this multinational company claims that it is in reality not a protein supplemented fasting diet manufacturer or a pharmacological treatment provider. The Herbalife diet program is "simply a healthy dietary supplement."

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